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 B5 league QR2: AssimX vs nG

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B5 league QR2: AssimX vs nG Empty
PostSubject: B5 league QR2: AssimX vs nG   B5 league QR2: AssimX vs nG EmptySun Jan 03, 2010 7:04 pm

Dear Warriors of the Assimilationz X, Y, Z, and DELTA chapters: Do not despair. As a young wisp flourishes from the tree of life to become an ancient of war, and then have his own children, and grandchildren and even glaives (WTF) We will persevere through this hard week by blaming Sinned's girlfriend. Sinned's girlfriend (or saboteur- yet to be determined) is the only responsible person for losing this war. When asked why he lost to the redundant Supply from SKYNET, an eerie coincidental name similar to the terminator movies' super computer [CONSPIrACY THEOrISTS BEWArE], Sinned said he only lost because his girlfriend was sucking his... private parts at the time.
Either way, I think what we've learned from this war is DO NOT i repeat, DO NOT, take the super high tech ultra computers hell bent on world domination lightly.
Oh, and sinned's girlfriend gives some pretty good head.

(by beljone, dont blame pilly denis)
nG 3 - 0 AssimX

OwnagE[skynet] > AssimX.Gecko Ancient Isles
Supplyy <> Sinned Amazonia
Mog[skynet] <> Da.Waaagh Terenas Stand
Regret <> AssimX.Ftp (qltlrk) Turtle Rock

Ace: not needed.
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B5 league QR2: AssimX vs nG
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